A luxurious indulgence of an Ancient Era Encapsulated by Natural Wellness, and Adorned by Royal Beauty, Opulence and Artistic Splendor.

Rediscover the Harmony of Beauty & Healing with the Power of Ancient Ayurveda.

An Island’s Healing Touch

“The woods are their Apothecaries Shops,where with Herbs, Leaves, and the Bark of Trees they do notable Cures”

-Robert Knox,
An Historical Relation of Ceylon, 1681

The beautiful tropical island of Sri Lanka has been a treasure trove of natural healing wonders, strengthened through thousands of years of natural healing systems of Hela-Veda and Ayurveda. These natural healing practices still strongly resonate across the island, and the natural beauty secrets practiced by ancient beauties still adorn the rock walls of Sigiriya, the island’s historic Rock Palace.

Our Story

elithé draws inspiration from the ancient Ayurveda herbal heritage of our historic Kingdoms and the Royal beauties that dwelled within. This luxury Ayurveda range, through its carefully crafted formulations and beautifully adorned packaging, is a true celebration of nature’s Ayurvedic wonders, and the splendour of our ancient Kingdoms where natural healing thrived and was revered even by Royalty.